1. back in my studio. // i have a ton of illustration work to do + a ton to paint for my solo show in december . yikes 😳🙈😍 i love it

  2. painting last minute commissions on my last night.. my mom is cuting butterflies 😜

  3. priming this 6.5 x 6.5 ft. canvas, love working with this scales 🙌

  4. couldnt resist. she was asking for it. #youdoodleapp

  5. good morning! // collaboration project with super talented flower girl @margotblair and amazing photographer @inkedfingers ♡

  6. turns out forgetting my microns was a good idea. i forgot how much i love bic ball point pens 🙌 . bad idea: free handing typography with no eraser 😳

  7. my house in mexico also serves as artwork storage. long time no see 🐴

  8. flower doodles + nap time

  9. found these. i made them as baby shower thankyou cards but then realized black didnt look babyshowery. 😒 so went for plan B

  10. cleaning my studio-turned-sewing-station .. i love having a girl so much cute stuff to make !🙈

  11. commission.

  12. because when @ahh asks me to design some last minute temporaty tattoos for a wedding she is shooting in france i just cant say no 😚😉

  13. another entry for #nuvangocover for @hifructosemag @nuvango

  14. my entry for #nuvangocover for @hifructosemag @nuvango

  15. you guys remember i have an online jewelry shop?? havent posted here in a while, but just for fun im offering FREE SHIPPING within US until the end of the month. check it out!! XO //themetalbox.bigcartel.com