1. artwork not on galleries, means artwork for my walls. // rearranging … (as in me ordering what to move 😜)

  2. block printed thankyou cards. im proud to say i finally sent proper thankyou cards for my first time ever. πŸ‘πŸ‘ (i even included two-yr-old thankyous from lex’s baby showers that i never sent 😳) πŸ‘πŸ‘ check you mails peopleee

  3. lino cutting for thankyou cards. #latergram from weeks ago.

  4. passed by catalina today. see more of my artwork there this month. // ‘tiger’ , ink and coffee on canvas.

  5. raised by wolves. // another piece showing at catalina right now

  6. ink on wood study.
    currently on display at Catalina. // 2201 Washington ave. houston tx

  7. #latergram from baby shower. // “Party Animal” oil on canvas 35”x35”in

  8. sketches on wood… good morning !

  9. working on new stuff. this one is 4ft x 5ft β™‘β™‘ a new fav.

  10. looking for new canvas in my studio and i found this piece.. revamp? or recycle canvas?

  11. good brushes on clearance .πŸ™‹ yes please

  12. hair typography.

  13. working on a little commission since i cant sleep.. all i do lately is commissions. 😢

  14. linen teatowels.

  15. hand sewning appliquΓ©s for ninas baby quilt. β™₯︎β™₯︎