1. i love magritte’s “ceci n’est pas una pipe” piece , so did my macaron version for an experiment involving tea towels and screen printing. hah hopefully coming soon

  2. i made me a snack. hazelnut macarons ♥︎

  3. #tbt when camila posed for me. 😜

  4. never too sick to bake. or sketch.⚡️ // hazelnut molten lava cake

  5. oldie but goodie in this rainy day…

  6. ranunculus and drawn weeds. //from that one time i was obssesed in drawing weeds.. #studio

  7. finished this baby, and its up for grabs ! 16x20”in. oil on 2”in thick canvas. // email on.galindo@gmail.com for price and more info.

  8. Ana Hinojosa Photographer @ahh_ ⚡️

  9. painting while nap time, my favorite!! // saw this picture of flowers and kumquats and couldnt not paint it. ❤ #justforfun

  10. floral commission for a florist. its one if her arrangements. //

  11. painting timee 🎉

  12. 18 days late on changing the calendar 😳

  13. #tbt ‘warrior’ 2012. // one of my fav.

  14. when my art is not at a gallery or not sold yet, my house gets a makeover. // deciding which one to put in this wall…

  15. neon.